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Advance Basic Completed 15 Days
  • Trainees who enjoyed Basic Rock Climbing Course can sharpen their edge of basic climbing skills and technical knowledge during these 15 days of extensive climbing training.

    The knowledge of different type and forms of rocks, various techniques using fingers and toes to whole body to climb and descend the rocks, usage and care of technical gears, belay techniques and rope management to provide safe hand makes trainee more confident and fearless on cliffs, walls, chimneys & caves.

    Normally to be in an adverse situation is not fun. But after toughening bodies with various kinds of exercises and resistance to weather, hunger, thirst and fatigue any situation gives pleasure and satisfaction.

    Climbing in a team, to learn rescue work, being lost in jungle and find the route to come out and more freedom on rock, mountain and jungle with more responsibilities towards environment gives pleasure of adventure.

Basic Above 14 year 10 Days
  • A famous course among the youth as young as age 14 up to the armed forces which gives opportunity to take first step towards one of the most thrilling sports of adventure world, Rock Climbing and Mountaineering.

    The hardest so safest rock material granite has created best training field covering wide variety of rock shapes right on the bank of beautiful tourist spot Nakki Lake in Mount Abu.

    Trainees just don’t learn to climb those boulders and rocks physically but they also learn the theory and art of climbing, which make them realize rock as a living friend so they feel safe while they climb.

    Trainees get thrill from vibrant jungle, wild life, mountains, lakes and caves by basic outward bound activities like morning exercise in a nature, trekking, night trekking, climbing, rappelling, camping, bird watching and slipping in a wild under open sky at night.

    Cooking in a jungle, picking delicious fruits, sentry duty at night, learning and developing eco friendly behavior to conserve our precious jungles and mountains; they all make unforgettable experience of life just from 10 days.

Coaching Advance Completed 30 - Days
    • Introduction to climbing equipment
    •  Learning knots
    •  Stretching and warm up exercise routine
    •  Learn basic climbing movements on the bouldering wall
    •  Learn how to use the holds and body positions on the wall
    •  Top rope climbing on the wall - Grades up to 5a to 6a
    •  Belaying techniques - Top roping
    •  Anchor building for top rope climbing
    •  Demonstration of lead climbing and speed climbing
    • Top rope climbing setting up / belay / anchor
    •  Tope rope climbing routes of 5a to 6a
    •  Lead climbing practice / clipping rope the right way
    •  Body positions while clipping the rope for lead climbing
    •  Learn dynamic belaying / practice belaying the leader
    •  Resting and identifying the rest positions
    •  Body positions while on an overhanging face
    •  How to improve climbing grade and ability to climb at least 6a


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