Rann of Katchh

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Rann is no ordinary Land. Its infinity is vast and endless….

A riot of colour sprinkled on the white salt desert. A quickly profusion of design, as far as the eye can see. A fascinating blend of culture; peeping from the folds of a semi-arid landscape. The deafening quiet of the night, pierced only by the haunting notes of a Surando. The mesmeric, twirling of silver-bangled women,outfitted in layers of hand-embroidered appliqué lehengas (long skirts). Or turbaned, moustachioed men in loin clothes and short skirts, heads bent and swaying as they play their goatskin drums with religious fervor. When all these elements come together, the outcome is RANN UTSAV.

A mosaic of exquisiteness, set against the luminous beauty of Kutch. On full moon night during Rann Utsav, the region wakes to an endless cycle of dance, music, art and craft in a celebration. This is the best time to visit Kutch, when the region brims with hospitality, vigour, magic and mythical flavor of Rann.

A cultural extravaganza that travels to different parts of Kutch, the fair, organized by the Gujarat Tourism holds a kaleidoscope to various art forms that reflect and capture the uniqueness of the region.

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